Kathleen Lamb
My Testimony
I believe that 2000 years ago, in a poor little remote villlage, a baby was born to a  
young maiden named Miriam (her name in Hebrew-we know her as Mary).  She gave
birth to an incredible son that she named Yeshua (Jesus, which means Savior). And
this little baby named Jesus was/is the Christ, the Anointed One. The King of kings.  
The Lord of all lords.  And He came to bring truth to ALL the world.  

I believe in this Jesus of Nazareth.  I have done a lot of reading about Him.  The Word
of God is the best source to finding out about Jesus and if you are just starting out
researching Him, I suggest you start there.  But it isn't the only source.  I took an
ancient Hebrew class in college recently and we learned about Jesus there too.  And
this wasn't even a Christian college!  I was pleasantly surprised to find out that there is
more historical evidence that Jesus of Nazareth really lived than there is about any
figure from the past, even more than say someone like Julius Caesar or George

But Jesus didn't merely exist.  He truly was God’s Son!  And IS today.  Many years
passed by in my life before I knew Jesus in a personal way.  But you know what?  The
beauty is that Jesus doesn't look at stuff like that the same way we do.  Because
sometimes, when I think of how much time went by before I knew the amazing gifts
Jesus had for me, I would feel a bit sad.  But then I realized that Jesus rejoices
ANYTIME one of His children ask Him into their heart.  I believe that when someone
here on earth asks Jesus to live in them, whatever their age, wherever they are,  I think
there's a whole lot of singin' and jumpin' and carryin' on up there in heaven!  And you
might ask what He could do in your life if you let Him?  My friend the possibilities are
endless!  And what's even better than that is… right now....He is just WAITING for
you to pop the question!!  Have you ever asked Him to live with you, or walk with
you and help you in your everday life?  Well, hang on tight!  Because if you haven't
and if you do that today, you're in for the ride of your life! I am not saying that by
becoming a Christian, your life magically becomes perfect.  What I am saying is that
your ENTIRE outlook changes.  How you see things!!  Your “
want to’s” change. You
won’t instantly begin to do everything right.  But when you start to do something that
you know Jesus wouldn’t like or would prefer you don't do, you KNOW it.  You FEEL
it.  And because you love Him so much, you don’t want to disappoint Him.  You no
longer feel like you’re going to get punished, or that you have to do some penance or
anything like that.  You just feel like, “Hey, I don’t need that, or “I don’t need to act
like that” or “this really isn’t the end of the world.”  You begin to see everything in a
different light.  The things you thought were so important no longer are.  The things
you thought you couldn’t live without, no longer make you feel like that.  When you
become a follower of Christ, you just want to know as much as you can about Him.  
And your hunger for Him just gets stronger and stronger, day by day.  

Jesus is just so fantastic.  He is so awesome and He is so very REAL. I am so glad that
the Creator of the universe called me by name and calls me one of His own!  And He is
calling you too!  Thank you Father, thank you Jesus for loving us so much!!  You are

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